Communication/Engagement Platform enables you to take a proactive approach to continuous individualized communication between patients and healthcare providers before and after procedures.
As a healthcare provider, you can deliver individualized communication through multiple secured channels which include:


We build better avenues for Doctor/ Patient relationships in the healthcare sector.
Patients can soon connect to mobile network with partner carriers not requiring a contract for mobile data plan by converting to Eekcawatt mobile unit values processing

1) Patients appointment booking for the doctor
2) Notification related to appointment and booking cancellation
3) Patient side app will receive the patient data via

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Bluetooth sent from Arduino. App will upload it to the server via internet. The benefit is that there will be no restriction of GSM. Connecting a smart phone to WiFi , App will upload the data on server otherwise both can enable SIM data on smart  phone to communicate.

We offer two transcription alternatives to all our clients.

1) Digital Recorder
2) Toll free dictation Service

1.) HealthXpand digital recorders provide clear and quality sound, flexible and easy files management and longer transcription time. We also provide a digital recorder that possesses the ability to transfer audio files into a computer or laptop using the USB cord almost instantly.

2.)  Toll free dictation Service – – Are you in need of an updated dictation  device for your hospital ?  We provide a toll free digital dictation  solution for doctors, medical practitioners, professionals, or other pros

Medical Billing and Coding Services

1) Claims transmission
2) Insurance verification
3) Patient demographic entry
4) Fee charges entry
5) Payment Posting
6) Identify any and all billing

Operation problems that would potentially result in non-payment or incorrect payment of claims .


We, at HealthXpand provide you a very simplified and easy TWO STEP process using our toll free numbers or our latest digital recorder.

STEP 1: Dictate your audio.
STEP 2: Upload audio to our secure file server.

Dedicated account managers are assigned to each account for your personalized service, ensuring Peace of Mind.

1. Audio is transcribed.
2. Transcription is proofread and quality checked within the TAT.
3. Transcription is returned to you via secure file server.

Quantity: Our present capacity is 500,000 lines in day shift and 250,000 lines in night shift EST.Our expansion capacity is 200,000 lines in day/night shift.

TAT: Our Turnaround Time ranges from 2 hours to 48 hours without any additional cost.